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Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC (ANF) manufactures and sells state-of-the art optical instruments to detect, characterize, and quantify nanomaterials, especially single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in bulk samples. Our analyzers offer the highest sensitivity available plus sophisticated software that automatically deduces and reports detailed sample compositions.

ANF was founded in Houston in 2004 by Professor R. Bruce Weisman of Rice University. Dr. Weisman serves as President. ANF's Chief Scientific Officer is Dr. Sergei M. Bachilo. Weisman and Bachilo are internationally recognized as the pioneering researchers who led the discovery and interpretation of fluorescence spectra from single-walled carbon nanotubes. The products offered by Applied NanoFluorescence embody these scientists' deep expertise in spectroscopic instrumentation and analysis.


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The NFM Short-Wave Infrared Fluorescence Microscope System, custom-designed for imaging SWCNTs


Do you work with carbon nanotubes (CNT)?

Then you need a NanoSpectralyzer. Here's why:

  • CNT Producers can use these instruments to monitor batch-to-batch consistency and quality.
  • Customers who buy nanotubes can use a NanoSpectralyzer to assess the quality of incoming CNT material.
  • Biomedical & Environmental Researchers can exploit the NanoSpectralyzers’ very high NIR fluorescence sensitivity to detect and quantify trace concentrations of SWCNTs in complex surroundings.
  • Educators can use the NanoSpectralyzer in undergraduate and graduate curricula as a way to expose students to innovative, cutting-edge research topics. 

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NS1 NanoSpectralyzer® is a unique automated fluorimetric analyzer based on the most advanced research in nanotube spectroscopy. It combines a specialized optical system with custom software to enable efficient, turn-key analyses of bulk SWCNT samples. The NS1 NanoSpectralyzer is valuable for tuning the process conditions in SWCNT growth reactors, for quality control, for guiding nanotube sorting and separation methods, and for a wide range of research applications that require detailed compositional data on a rapid time scale.  read more...

NS3 NanoSpectralyzer® is ANF's latest addition to the innovative line of NanoSpectralyzer instruments. This modular instrument can quickly analyze SWCNTs, MWCNTs, graphene, quantum dots, and other nanomaterials by measuring visible and NIR fluorescence; UV, visible and NIR absorption; and Raman spectra. It can be custom configured to suit your needs. read more...

The NS2 NanoSpectralyzer® is the world's only three-in-one spectrometer for carbon nanotubes. The NS2 can be used for analyzing SWCNT samples through near-IR fluorescence and NIR and visible absorption. In addition, the NS2 captures Raman spectra of all CNTs, whether single-walled, multi-walled aggregated, large diameter, or chemically altered.   read more...

NFM Short-Wave IR Fluorescence Microscope is a specialized optical microscope system custom-designed for imaging the intrinsic short-wave infrared fluorescence of individual SWCNTs. This instrument can be used for studying interactions of pristine SWCNTs with cells, tissues, and organisms, as needed to develop drug-delivery and diagnostic agents, and for environmental health and safety studies of SWCNTs. read more...